Living Will

This document will take effect when you are mentally unsound of which can occurred upon – old age, coma due to accident or diagnose of illnesses like stroke, Parkinson diseases and Alzheimer diseases. It is a combination of the Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) and the Advance Medical Directive (AMD). This document allows you to appoint someone whom you trust as Donee(s) and/or Replacement Donee(s) when you are still of sound mind. Donee will have two different areas of responsibility – your Welfare and yourProperty & Affair. This document also states that you do not wish your life to prolong when death is just a matter of time so as to avoid physical and financial burden to your family members.

Our Procedures

a. We will probe you to consider who various scenarios base on your situation and you will then determine who is suitable to be appointed as your Donee(s).

b. You will then provide all relevant documents needed to prepare the Living Will.

c. Once document is ready, we will go through with you to confirm all entries.

d. We will arrange for you to be certified in the presence of a doctor who is certified by the relevant government board.

e. We will arrange to register your certified document to the Office of Public Guardian

✔️  Basic Living Will (LPA, AMD and ACP) – S$ 500.00

✔️  Living Will involve Company or Foreigner as Donee – S$ 1500.00

✔️  Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) – S$ 450.00

✔️  Advance Medical Directive (AMD) – S$ 250.00


  • You will be assisted by professional who is a Certified Will Planner.
  • We have a clear pricing structure which inclusive of the certification fee and registered fee.
  • You will be served by professionals who will be thorough in understanding your needs.
  • You will be attended to at your convenience even if it means after office hours.
  • Your intention will be kept with strictest confidence.
  • You can prevent unnecessary litigation for your family.

Probate Assistance Services

We will guide you in the preparation of all the necessary documents needed for the application of probate.

Living Will

This document will take effect when you are mentally unsound of which can occurred

Will Custody Services

Should you choose not to have your Will kept at home, we do provide Will safe keeping services