Professional Services

Testament Will

This document will take effect upon your death and will distribute your asset according to your wishes stated in the document. A typical Will should include appointment of Executor, Trustee and maybe event Guardian if there is minor involved other than distribution of asset to the beneficiaries. This document is widely recognized and enforceable in commonwealth countries.

Our objectives when drafting your will are:

  • Your will stand the test of time.
  • Your wishes can be fulfilled.

Our Procedures

a. We will probe you to consider various scenarios base on your situation and you will then determine which of your considerations are to be mentioned in your Will.

b. We will give a quotation base on your considerations and the quotation is subject to change with notice because you reserve the right to change your decision prior to the signing of your Will.

c. Upon receiving the information & particulars provided by you, we will then prepare the draft Will and will go through it with you with explanation on its implication and consequences of your considerations.

d. Upon finalization of the draft Will, we will prepare and deliver the original Will for you to sign.

e. You will have the option to safe keep your Will with our Company.

f. We will register your Will with the Will Registry of Singapore.


Basic Will I – S$ 350.00


Basic Will II – S$ 450.00


Intermediate Will I – S$ 550.00


Intermediate Will II – S$ 650.00


Comprehensive Will I – S$ 800.00


Comprehensive Will II – S$ 1000.00


Comprehensive Will III – S$ 1200.00


Exclusive WIll I- S$ 1500.00


Exclusive WIll II – S$ 1800.00


Exclusive WIll I- S$ 2100.00 – S$ 5000


  • You will be assisted by professional who is a Certified Will Planner.
  • Your Will is drafted by specialist and not through a template form.
  • We have a clear pricing structure.
  • You will be served by professionals who will be thorough in understanding your needs.
  • You will be attended to at your convenience even if it means after office hours.
  • Your intention will be kept with strictest confidence.
  • We provide safe custody of your Will and easy retrieval when needed.
  • You can prevent unnecessary litigation for your family.

Probate Assistance Services

We will guide you in the preparation of all the necessary documents needed for the application of probate.

Living Will

This document will take effect when you are mentally unsound of which can occurred

Will Custody Services

Should you choose not to have your Will kept at home, we do provide Will safe keeping services